O18: Chanelling 2
Friday 15 October 2021

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Chair: Ian Vickridge
12:00 11:00

β- emission channeling for the lattice location of ion implanted ²⁷Mg in GaN

Ulrich Wahl, Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal

12:15 17:15

Structure analysis of H in epitaxial TiH2-δ thin film by Channeling ¹⁵N-NRA

Takahiro Ozawa, The University of Tokyo, Japan

12:30 12:30

Damage buildup and recovery in natural apatite: implications in thermochronology

Dee Jay Cerico, Université Paris-Saclay-CNRS, France

12:45 12:45

Direct transition from ultrathin orthorhombic dinickel silicides to epitaxial nickel disilicide revealed by in-situ synthesis and analysis

Tuan Tran, Uppsala University, Sweden

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10 October 2021 [extended]

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