O6: Nano Applications
Tuesday 12 October 2021

CEST start time Author local time Title 
Chair: TBC
14:00 13:00

A MEIS study of the thermal behaviour of Cu and Au nanoparticles grown on CeO₂ thin films on Si(111)

Jaap Van den Berg, University of Huddersfield, UK

14:15 14:15

Quantification of hydrogen in nanostructures: A correlative analysis combining TEM, SIMS and APT

Santhana Eswara, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology, Luxemburg

14:30 08:30

Experimental analysis of surface Debye temperature for epitaxial thin films

Matheus Adam, Western University, Canada

14:45 06:45

Massive cluster SIMS for nanometrology of nanoparticles and their interfaces

Michael Eller, California State University Northridge, USA

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10 October 2021 [extended]

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