25th International Conference on Ion Beam Analysis
17th International Conference on Particle Induce X-ray Emission
International Conference on Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry


The first joint PIXE and IBA conference was due to take place in Toyama, Japan during October 2021. Unfortunately, due to the global pandemic it has been decided to hold this meeting virtually and come back to Toyama in 2023 when, we all hope, travel becomes a little easier again. Similarly, the 23rd International Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry Conference (SIMS23) was due to be held in Minneapolis, USA in September 2021 and has now been postponed to September 2022.

The Ion Beam Analysis (IBA) conference has a long history starting in 1973 in June at the IBM Research Labs in Yorktown Heights, NY, USA. The Particle Induced X-Ray (PIXE) conference also has a long history also dating back to the 1970s (it was then the International Conference on Particle Induced X-ray Emission and its Analytical Applications). It was reconfigured in 2010 and the name shortened to just PIXE. Both conferences are now biennial meetings. The previous PIXE meeting was held in Lisbon, Portugal in March 2019 and the previous IBA meeting was held in Antibes, France in October 2019. The SIMS conference series started in 1977 in Munster, Germany and has run biennially since then until this year. The 22nd meeting took place in Kyoto, Japan.

Traditionally the IBA conference deals with the science, development, techniques and applications of energetic ion beams for analysis. This has, over the years, become focused on the application of MeV ion beams, their transport and interaction with surfaces and their application on materials analysis with techniques such as RBS, PIXE, NRA, ERD, IBIC, IBIL and MeV-SIMS. The PIXE conference, on the other hand has often focused on a specific theme for each meeting – the previous meeting’s theme was “Unravelling secrets from atoms to planets” and aimed to emphasize the expanding multi-scale scope of the technique, supported by recent developments. The SIMS conference series provides a forum for the exchange of results and new ideas on Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry and related techniques. The attendees of the IBA and PIXE conference series often attend both meetings and a few years ago it was suggested that it might be beneficial to bring both conference to the same site – and then COVID happened! The opportunity to bring the SIMS community into this meeting was too good to pass up. The application areas and many of the experimental and fundamental issues are common amongst all of the techniques. Bringing these three conferences together in a single virtual venue we believe will be of great benefit by providing a level of community exchange that has not quite been available before.  

Our aim is to hold this meeting in virtual form as a gap of 4 years between meetings was felt to be too long a period with out interaction and for many students it would mean missing out on an opportunity to tell the community about their research work and to engage with others around the world working in similar areas. The virtual world is not ideal to encourage networking, but we hope we will be able to give people an opportunity to talk with each other in both a formal and relatively informal setting throughout the meeting.

We cordially invite you to submit your presentations and attend (virtually) this joint meeting of the PIXE, IBA and SIMS communities.

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10 October 2021 [extended]

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