Invited Speakers

  • Using micro-PIXE to resolve questions of mineral nutrition and tolerance in plants

  Paula Pongrac, Jo┼żef Stefan Institute, Solvenia

  • Laser-driven particle sources for the elemental analysis of materials

  Francesco Mirani, Politecnico Milano, Italy

  • Beyond FAIRness: transforming IBA data into digital Cultural Heritage Objects

  Claire Pacheco, AGLAE, France

  • Transmission Experiments with keV Ions

  Svenja Lohmann, HZDR, Germany

  • Ion beam analysis with nanometer beams

  Gregor Hlawacek, HZDR, Germany

  • Advanced multimodal analytical capabilities on FIB instruments using SIMS: new developments, applications and prospects

  Tom Wirtz, LIST, Luxemburg

  • Investigating the Sputtering of Planetary Surfaces

  Paul Szabo, TUWein, Austria

  • In-situ and in-operando profiling of light elements in energy materials using coincidence techniques

  Vairavel Mathayan, Uppsala University, Sweden

  • Water Cluster Ion Beams for biomolecular analysis with SIMS

  Sadia Sheraz, RFI, UK

  • Universal empirical and theoretical fits for an updated compilation of  K x-ray production cross sections by protons

  Gregory Lapicki, East Carolina University, USA

  • Computer Simulation of the Evolution of 2- and 3-dimensional Surfaces

  Udo v. Toussaint, Max Plank Inst Garching, Germany

  • (GAS)Cluster ion beam SIMS for biological and clinical research

  John Fletcher, University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Key dates

Registration deadline:

10 October 2021 [extended]

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