Development of Ion Beam Analysis Techniques

(including but not limited to)

  • SIMS - Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry
    • Dynamic – depth profiling
    • Static – imaging
    • 3-D imaging
    • Using Cluster ions
    • Using MeV ions
  • PIXE - Particle Induced X-ray Emission
  • RBS, NRA, ERD MeV SIMS, etc.
  • MEIS - Medium Energy Ion Scattering - and LEIS - Low Energy Ion Scattering
  • Combinations of techniques
Applications of Ion Beams Methods and Techniques

(in but not limited to)

  • Cultural Heritage
  • Forensics
  • Biomedical
  • Materials Science
  • Environment
  • Thin Films
  • Energy Materials (eg Solar, Nuclear, Batteries)
  • Electronic and photonic materials
  • Quantum technology
Development of Equipment 

(including but not limited to)

  • Ion Sources
  • Cluster sources
  • Detection systems
  • Data, acquisition, handling and archiving
  • Analog and digital systems
Modelling and Theoretical Understanding

(including but not limited to)

  • The interaction of energetic ions and clusters with surfaces
  • Ion atom interactions, cross sections
  • Secondary ion formation
  • Interpretation of Experimental Data from Ion Beam techniques

Key dates

Registration deadline:

10 October 2021 [extended]

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